L-TIP 證書課程
(Logos Total Immersion 課程)


Logos Evangelical Seminary is a Mandarin language seminary located El Monte, CA, an area in Southern California with a vast Chinese population. Logos offers fully accredited degrees (accredited by ATS and WSCUC), including the MA in Christian Studies, MDiv, ThM, and DMin degrees. Logos currently attracts outstanding students from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and other parts of the world.

L-TIP 證書說明

The unique LTIP program at Logos is designed to train tomorrow’s missionaries to Taiwan and China together with future Chinese church and mission leaders. The students share the same classrooms and are taught by a highly qualified Chinese faculty. Throughout the one year program (two semesters), students live, eat, study, and interact in the context of an area in Southern California that is densely populated with Chinese.

L-TIP 證書 + 正道碩士學位

Highly qualified students may also be accepted into the MA, MDiv, or ThM degree programs at Logos. The students are expected to meet all the regular requirements of the degree program, but they will receive special assistance in language and culture learning from the L-TIP program. With arrangement with the professor, some assignments can be completed in English, and occasionally complete classes are offered in English.With arrangement with the professor, some assignments can be completed in English, and occasionally complete classes are offered in English.



Formal teaching will take place in the Logos classrooms in El Monte. Students can choose from the full array of courses in Bible, theology, church history, and practical theology offered at Logos. Courses include: Chinese church history, Business as Mission in China, spiritual formation, evangelism, cross-cultural leadership, missions, counseling, and preaching. During the second semester, students may opt to prepare a high-level academic research paper on China.

Students will also receive Mandarin instruction from trained native speakers. The amount of time spent with the Mandarin instructor will vary (2 to 10 hours per week) depending on the need of the individual student. Mandarin instructors may help students with their Logos course work in addition to offering instruction in, for instance, newspaper Chinese, Christian writings, and modern and classic Chinese literature.


LTIP students will “learn by doing” through the Logos Field Education program.  Students will serve together with Mandarin speaking students at Logos in the Chinese churches in the Los Angeles area. Students might be involved in activities such as evangelism, visitation, discipleship training, leading evangelistic Bible studies, or teaching evangelistic English classes.

Logos maintains extensive contacts with Chinese churches and ministries in Taiwan, China, and around the world. Logos faculty and students regularly participate in short term ministries around the world, and L-TIP students will have the opportunity to join with Mandarin-speaking classmates from Logos on these short term missions trips


The true strength of the LTIP program may be in the “non-formal” and “informal” training. Genuine cultural and language understanding will be absorbed more from the environment than the classroom. Students will be required to participate in all seminary activities. They will live in the Logos dormitory where they live, eat, pray, and play with Chinese students and their families from all over the world. They will participate in the regular prayer meetings of the seminary, weekly chapel service, as well as the regularly scheduled social events (Don’t miss the annual Logos Chinese New Year Celebration!). LTIP students will help lead in prayer and worship. All these settings will allow LTIP students ample access to Logos students, where rich informal language and culture training will transpire.


– Individuals planning to serve as full-time missionaries to Taiwan, China, or any Chinese community around the world
– Individuals who intend to serve in tent-making ministries in China, Taiwan, or other parts of the world
– Students who already have an MA or MDiv degree from a seminary can enroll in the one-year L-TIP certificate (or a minimum of one year of Bible and theology courses)
– Students without a seminary degree may also enter the program. They may choose to enroll in the MA or MDiv program at Logos in addition to the L-TIP certificate program. Alternatively, at minimum, they must complete at Logos one year of approved seminary courses.
– Students must have a minimum of two years university-level Mandarin training, or the equivalent. Students may be required to take a Mandarin test as part of the application process.


– 32 semester-units requirement, average completion time: 1 year
– Receive individualized Mandarin language instruction from a qualified Chinese teacher- speaking,   reading, and writing
– Receive professional biblical and theological training in the Logos classroom in Mandarin
Chinese Church History offered each fall, followed in the spring by an optional seminar focusing on academic research on China
– Receive in-depth courses in missions, leadership, spiritual formation, evangelism, and cross-cultural ministry in the Logos classroom in Mandarin
– Participate in supervised cross-cultural ministry during the program in Chinese churches in the Los Angeles area
– Participate in Chinese-led short-term missionary trips to Taiwan, China, or other parts of the world


Same as MACS


Same as MACS


Students are required to complete 32 units of course work. The Certificate is designed with maximum flexibility to ensure each student receives the maximum benefit from the rich programs available at Logos Evangelical Seminary. For instance, students with less language ability will be encouraged to take more time each week with the language instructor. They might only take one or two master-level courses in the seminary. On the other hand, students entering with exceptional Mandarin ability will be allowed to take a full course load at the seminary and may only need a couple hours each week with the language instructor for personalized assistance with course reading and writing assignments. Students will work closely with the L-TIP advisor to map out an individualized plan of study.


The program is designed to be completed in one year. Students may petition to extend for one more year. Students will usually start in the fall, and they will take classes in the fall and spring semesters. In some cases, students might complete the program with a short term mission the summer following their spring semester. In order to ensure an appropriate educational community life, the one year of study shall be completed at the main campus in El Monte.


In addition to the classes with the Mandarin instructor, students may choose, in consultation with the L-TIP coordinator, from the below list of regularly offered classes:

I. Biblical Studies

OTS542 The Pentateuch   (3)
OTS559 Prophetic Literature   (3)
OTS528 Historical Literature   (3)
OTS554 Psalms & Wisdom Literature   (3)
NTS541 The Gospels    (3)
NTS555 Acts and the Pauline Epistles  (3)
NTS579 General Epistles and Revelation (3)

II. Theological & History Studies

TSS504 Library Information Research Method (1)
TSS534 God, Bible and Christology (3)
TSS535 Soterio, Pneuma, and Sanctification (3)
TSS537 Ecclesiology and Eschatology (2)
CHS510 Church History   (3)


III. Intercultural Studies Core

PTS517       Spiritual Formation   (2)
MCS527      Personal Evangelism   (2)
Missions Theology (3)

IV. Intercultural Studies Key Competencies (Limited Electives)

History of Christianity in China
Global Christianity in the Modern World
Cross Cultural Leadership
Missions History
Cross Cultural Communication
Life of a Missionary

V. Intercultural Studies Electives (Courses offered occasionally)

Chinese History
Chinese Culture, Society, and Politics
Confucianism and Chinese Religions
Missions Anthropology
Missions in the local Church
Short Term Missions Leadership
Asian American Studies courses
Cross-cultural Counseling