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1748 S. Blanchard Road, Wheaton, IL 60189

Wheaton Chinese Alliance Church (WCAC) is an evangelical and Christ-centered church located
in the western suburbs of Chicago. Our church consists of about three hundred members,
including not only first-generation immigrants from Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Chinese Mainland,
and Southeast Asia, but also American-born Chinese and those of many other cultural
backgrounds. We have significant numbers in all generations from newborns to students to
millennials to boomers to seniors. We have three separate worship services of about 100 each
in Cantonese, English and Mandarin. More than twenty small groups and fellowships meet
regularly in the Wheaton and Naperville area.
We have an English-speaking youth ministry of about fifty that promotes spiritual growth and
outreach among ages 12 through 18. Our youth come from diverse cultural backgrounds,
including a significant number whose parents do not attend our church.

Youth Pastor/Minister

Wheaton, Illinois


The youth pastor/minister will shepherd our youth, including the following:
● Planning and executing a plan for discipling youth from our church and also other
youth that join our ministry,
● Recruiting, training, and leading a staff of volunteer youth counselors,
● Developing the leadership skills of our youth,
● Helping our youth solidify their personal relationship with the Lord so that they will
continue walking with Him after high school,
● Together with other pastors, teaching our parents to contribute to the discipling of
their youth children,
● Collaborating closely with other pastoral staff and church leaders to serve the whole
church, and
● Engaging with our denominational and regional network of pastors and churches.

The qualities and qualifications for this position include the following:
● Believe the Bible to be God’s Word and affirm the C&MA Statement of Faith
● Be an ordained/consecrated Christian & Missionary Alliance (C&MA) minister, or be able to be ordained/consecrated as a C&MA minister and satisfy the qualifications of the C&MA for pastors/ministers;
● Called by God and aspiring to the office of pastoral ministry with a passion for ministry to youth;
● Meet the qualifications of a spiritual leader with proven experience in shepherding and discipling youth;
● A record that reveals the moral qualities, academic training, doctrinal stability;
academically, at least an undergraduate degree with an emphasis in Biblical studies;
● A record that reveals spiritual insight and understanding of church ministry;
● Reflect maturity in multicultural and multigenerational relationships;
● Experience serving in student ministry in a North American church;
● Ability to develop and manage a ministry budget; and
● Able and willing to work in a team, with the senior pastor and elders, to shepherd God’s church, prioritizing the good of the whole church rather than focus on one language congregation only.

Applicants should provide the following materials. All materials are held in confidence by the pastoral search committee and the elders. We would appreciate receiving the materials in digital form (wcacsearch@gmail.com):
● Brief description of your background and why you want to be our youth pastor/minister;
● Your personal testimony and declaration of faith, including your calling to full-time Christian ministry and growth experience;
● Your approach to pastoral ministry and service;
● Your curriculum vitae or resume;
● Two recent sermons (digital files). If there is no recording, please provide sermon notes;
● Brief description of your family situation, including recent personal and/or family photos; and
● The names of at least three references, including those who have observed you in ministry.

Fred Hickernell (pastoral search committee vice chair)

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