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Logos Theological Library

Since its establishment, the Logos Evangelical Seminary Library has been making a concerted effort to collect and purchase books to accommodate the growth of the seminary. The holdings of the library have grown from about two hundred Chinese books to more than 56,000 Chinese and English books at the present time. Among them, more than 35,000 volumes are in English or other foreign languages, and over 20,000 volumes are in Chinese, making it the largest collection of Chinese theological books in North America. The holdings continue to increase by hundreds yearly. Our book collection is searchable through our online catalog and the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) World Cat.

The Logos Seminary Library floor plan encompasses the areas designated for periodicals, multimedia materials, electronic resources, and physical texts. In the area for periodicals, we hold over 500 titles in Chinese, English, and other foreign languages, among which more than two hundred titles are current subscriptions. The library also has collections of DVDs, videos, audio cassettes, and Sunday school materials. In addition to wireless services, the library provides an electronic resource center, which contains computerized research tools such as BibleWorks, PC Study Bible and Chinese Bible Tool. All students can access online databases such as ATLA Religion Database/ATLAS, ProQuest Research Libraries, the online Encyclopedia Britannica (Academic Edition) OCLC FirstSearch, and more via their personal computers to obtain abstracts or full texts of articles.

Library Facts

The Logos Seminary Library is a member of Online Computer Library Center (OCLC), American Theological Library Association (ATLA), Southern California Theological Librarian Association (SCATLA), as well as a member of State-Wide California Electronic Library Consortium (SCELC). Through these associations, the library facilitates wider and more versatile avenues of access to research resources for the Logos community. These associations offer the option of interlibrary loans via SCATLA.

The Library occupies more than 7,000 square feet of space. With its ample space, excellent lighting, and air conditioning systems, the library provides a very comfortable and conducive environment for studying. The Logos Evangelical Seminary Library not only serves Logos Seminary faculty, students, staff, and alumni, but also ministers of the Evangelical Formosan Church and the members of the Greater Los Angeles Area Chinese Ministerial Association. The seminary has also established libraries at each regional campus. The library at the main campus in El Monte, Chicago Campus Library, and Taiwan Campus Library all operate independently to support the local needs.

Mission Statement:

As an integral part of Logos Evangelical Seminary, the Logos Theological Library seeks to undergird the mission of the seminary by providing access to the knowledge needed for educating Christian leaders. This is done through the acquisition, organization, preservation, and interpretation of materials and services appropriate to the research needs of the various constituencies of the library.

Vision Statement:

The Logos Evangelical Library is a Chinese theological research and information center with innovative technology, high-quality information services, as well as rich and comprehensive digital resources housed in an aesthetically pleasing environment.

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Telelphone: (626) 571-5110 ext. 111

Email: library@les.edu

Address: 9378 Telstar Ave El Monte, CA 91731