Library Conduct

Reading Room Regulations:

  1. Food is prohibited in the library.
  2. Beverages permitted only in covered containers (bottles, cups with lids, etc.).
  3. Lengthy conversations and cell phone conversations are prohibited in the reading room.
  4. Do not place personal belongings on the desk when you are not using the facility.
  5. The conference room can be used as an “un-mute Reading Area” when it has no meetings scheduled.

Using Library Books:

  1. Leave no marks or stains or creases on the books/periodicals.
  2. Place books on the cart after usage. Please do not re-shelve books.
  3. Take great care and protect the physical integrity of the books.

Borrowing Rules:

  1. All library materials (books & media) can only be checkout with a valid library ID.
  2. Reference books and periodical cannot be checked out.
  3. Please return all borrowing materials to the “Return” box at the Circulation desk.
  4. If books are damaged or lost, a $7.50 processing fee per book is charged if the responsible party brings in the replacing book. Otherwise, a $15.00 processing fee will be charged in addition to the price of the book.
  5. Patrons with outstanding debts and/or overdue items will be blocked for check out.
  6. The borrowing privileges are not transferable. To avoid possible disputes, we strongly discourage checking out books on behalf of a fellow student.
  7. Patrons are responsible to return items before expiration date instead of rely on email notification.
  8. System will not process new check out until the item(s) has been renew or return.