Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service are provided for assisting faculties and students in obtaining research materials including monographs, books, essays, and dissertations, etc. which are not owned by the Logos Library.

How can patrons apply for the ILL service?

  1. Patrons should ensure the materials are not available at our KOHA system, online databases (E-book collection) or the Southern California Area Theological Library Association (SCATLA) libraries at first.
  2. Patrons then need to complete Logos Library’s ILL online application form. Once the Logos library staff receives the application form and checks that all required information is correct and complete. Then the application of ILL service will be approved and processed.

Who can apply for the ILL service?

  1. The ILL service extends to current Logos Evangelical Seminary full-time faculties and current enrolled and course attending full-time and part-time students including Master degrees in MDiv, MACS, MAFM, and ThM and Doctoral degrees in PhD. and DMin.
  2. The ILL service is not offered to Logos Evangelical Seminary alumni, Logos Training Institute (LTI) students, adjunct professors, guest patrons, or visitors.

What is the ILL policy in Logos Library?

  1. The ILL service is not allowed to ask for the following research materials from other libraries:
    • Electronic resources and media objects
    • Library special collections
    • Books or documents published in current year
    • Course-reserved or course-related reference materials
  2. Eligible patrons can use the ILL service. The total number of the ILL items is limited to 5 items for each student, and 10 items for each full-time faculty. The Logos Library staff will process the ILL service requests every Tuesday.
  3. Logos Library will do the best to get the requested items in a timely manner. Usually, it takes one-to-three weeks to receive the requested items. However, the request may be delated or unfulfilled due to one of the following factors: (1) the availability of the items at the time of the request, (2) the item is not for loan, (3) a fee or other special requested by the lending library is required, (4) the shipping delay, (5) the staff workload at the lending Library, etc.
  4. Patrons will be notified by email when the item requested has arrived and ready to be picked up at the circulation desk. To ensure patrons have the best loan period of items, patrons should pick up the ILL item within three days when receiving the email notification. During reading, please do not remove any label, blue card and the slip on the cover of the ILL book which are placed by the library staffs.
  5. Patrons must return the ILL items by designated due date. No renewal service is allowed. When patrons return the ILL items, please hand in to the Logos library staff at the circulation desk. Please do not return the ILL items to “Return” box.
  6. The ILL service is not free, but Logos library does not charge eligible patrons any service fees for general request. However, patrons should notice that when you request the ILL service, both the lending library and Logos library have incurred the cost of the service. Please to take advantage of this ILL service appropriately.
  7. Logos Library staff will borrow items from lending library who does not charge any service fee first. If the lending library charges a fee, then the patron is responsible for paying the fee. If the service fee is too expensive and beyond the maximum that patron is willing to pay, Logos Library staff will cancel this ILL service request. It is highly recommended that every patron indicates the maximum s/he is willing to pay for the ILL service.

What if my item is overdue or lost?

  1. No renewal service is allowed for the ILL books. Overdue items incur late charges according to the circulation rules both from the lending library and Logos Library. Therefore, Patrons could possibly need to pay late charges for both the lending library and Logos Library. Please return items as soon as possible.
  2. If patrons lose the ILL books, patrons should pay for the replacement. If the cost of the replacement is under $125, the replacement charge is $150. If the cost of the replacement from the request of the lending library is over $125, patrons should pay for the replacement charges accordingly and plus $25 from Logos Library.
  3. Logos Library will not accept patrons’ requests for the ILL service if patrons had the ILL overdue items or lost items twice in the past.
  4. Logos Library reserves the right to accept or to reject patrons’ applications for the ILL service. For instance, patrons who are with prior poor borrowing records in Logos Library will not be allowed to apply for the ILL service.

How it works concerning copyright restrictions?

All books, photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted materials are governed by the copyright law of the United States. When obtaining the ILL books, photocopies or reproductions of copyrighted works from the lending libraries, patrons must comply with the copyright law. Patrons must understand that these materials must be used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research. If patrons reproduce or share the copyrighted materials in public, patrons are considered to violate the principle of fair use. Then patrons may be liable for copyright infringement. For more details please see the website of [LINK]