Search Tips

How to use KOHA

1. Searching Library Catalog:
  • Searching can be performed without a personal account.
  • Direct searching: Type in any keyword in the center space, and click “Go”. (Key in title, author, any keyword or other selections.).
  • Selection searching: Click the selection key next to the “Library catalog”, selecting book title, author, etc. from the list.
  • Advanced searching: Click “Advanced Search”, can combine selection keywords and use Brin symbols “and, or, and not” in the searching.
  • Limited searching: using the following keywords:
    • CBK = Chinese books
    • EBK = English books
    • RSV = Reserved books
    • ZZ800 = D. Min. Theses
    • ZZ700 = M. Theo. Theses
2. Managing personal Library account on-line:
  • Logging in: logging in with the barcode (on the back of your Logos Library Card) or the account name.
  • Password: the original password is the last 4 digits of the telephone number, patron may change the password him/herself.
  • Reserving books:
    • Patron cannot reserve book that is not on-loan, i.e. it is on the shelf in the Library.
    • Patron may reserve book, which is currently on-loan, on-line; up to three books each of CBK and EBK.
    • To reserve book, patron must login to the personal account, find the book, and place hold.
  • Noticing by e-mail: Patron may change the selection from my messaging.
  • Patron may review the past history of the books checked out.
  • Patron may establish my list, a book read list.
Note: Starting from September 2012, Logos Library performs the cataloging of Chinese books following the Chinese, Korean, and Japanese book Standard Cataloging method recommended by the Library of Congress. When you have difficulty reading the Romanized book title, please check the barcode number of the book.
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