Circulation Policy

General Circulation Books:


  1. Patrons may borrow books with a valid Library ID at the self-checkout station.
  2. Make sure the cursor is in the text box on the computer screen, otherwise please move the cursor to the text box.
  3. Place Library ID card with the barcode face up under the red scan line, remove the card once your name is displayed on screen.
  4. Place one book a time, on the RFID reading plate, remove book from RFID reading plate as
    the book title appears on screen, place the book at standby area, and then process the next book.
  5. Make sure every book has been scanned and listed on screen, then click the “Finish” button on the screen to log out, thus completing the check-out process.
  6. Each book may be renewed online once if it is not held or reserved by others.
  7. For each overdue item, there is a fine of $0.20 per day will be cumulated.

Course Reserves:

  1. Reserve books are for faculty and course attending students only.
  2. Patrons have to provide book title, book call number, and patron name on a request slip for each book they want to check out.
  3. Give the request slip to staff and signify whether it is for the master degrees or the D.Min. courses.
  4. Please return reserved books to the “Return” box at the circulation desk; you may ask your request slip back for future use.
  5. Reserved books lists are provided both online and print.
  6. Patrons may search for reserve books using the computer facing the circulation desk in the library or personal computer on line.
  7. All reserve books may only be used inside the library for two hours at a time. Books may not be taken out in consecutive sessions, unless there is no one waiting.
  8. During the renovation:Books available for taking out from 3 pm., return before 12:30 pm at the next business day. (Wednesday will be 1:30 pm).
  9. Book reservation is available every morning, and the book can be picked up at the set time between 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm. Book reservation is ending at 7:00 pm. You may wish to be put on a waiting list if the book is already reserved by other patron.
  10. After reservation, the book became unavailable for the patron who made the reservation in the library. From 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm, all reserved books are available to be picked up at the circulation desk. If the book reserved is not picked up 10 minutes after the pre-set pick up time, the first patron on the waiting list will have the right to take the book out.
  11. If the patron failed to return the overnight reserve books before 12:30 pm, he/she will be charged for overdue of $ 1.25 each book and 25¢per hour after 12:30 pm. If the book is overdue more than a day, the initial charge will be $5.00 upon each book and $2.50 per day afterwards.
  12. Individual reserve books check out limited to 3 at a time.


Media and Sunday School Materials:

  1. The loan period is 21 days. Single volume tape checkout limit is two. Multi-volume title checkout limit is one set only.
    Sunday school checkout limit is 5. Bible (Bible Collection) checkout limit is 5 as well. There is no renewal service for media and Sunday school material.
  2. Patrons may check out media and Sunday school items by printing their names and stamping due date on the item card.
    Place the card in the box at the circulation desk.
  3. Please rewind media item after used, place return items to the ‘Return’ box at the circulation desk.
  4. Please keep items in right place and use it the right way.
  5. Overdue penalties and item damage processing fee are the same with circulation books.