Logos Academic Colloquium

Upcoming Colloquium

26apr2:30 pm3:45 pmVirtual/ Physical Event 線上/ 實體活動Logos Academic Colloquium 學術研討會讲座題目:倪柝声灵修思想探討 孫毅 長老/博士

Past Colloquium ( video inside)

  • 2023 春季舊約神學學術座談會
    舊約神學學術座談會 講員: Dr. David Talley 主題:What Does it Mean to “Wait on the Lord”? 語言:英文
  • 2022 秋季新約神學學術座談會
    新約神學學術座談會 講員: Dr. Moyer Hubbard 主題:Traumatized with Christ: The Death of Jesus in the Life of Paul 語言:英文
  • 2022 秋季處境神學學術座談會
    宋尚節與福音處境化 by Dr. Daryl R. Ireland 講員: Daryl R. Ireland 博士 主題:John Song (宋尚節)and the contextualization of the Gospel 語言:英文
  • New Testament colloquium 正道學術座談會
    Speaker: Rev. Henry Chen 曾思機 牧師. 本座談會將先簡單介紹語言學的研究範疇及它對聖經研究的功用與貢獻,接著重點說明「意思」(Meaning) 的組合性與層次性,最後示範如何使用這些通則在解讀新約書卷和註釋書上。
  • ST Colloquium 2022 Spring 春季學術座談會
    Speaker: Dr./Rev. Chun Tse (謝進博士). This is a new paradigm for assurance of salvation and it argues that an adoption-centric understanding of salvation, based on union with Christ, enables one to appreciate salvation in its fullest splendor.