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  • ST Colloquium 2022 Spring 春季學術座談會
    Speaker: Dr./Rev. Chun Tse (謝進博士). This is a new paradigm for assurance of salvation and it argues that an adoption-centric understanding of salvation, based on union with Christ, enables one to appreciate salvation in its fullest splendor.
  • ST Colloquium 2021 Fall
    Calvin and Wesley: Bringing Belief in Line with Practice by Dr. Donald Thorsen. Don Thorsen is Professor of Theology at Azusa Pacific University Seminary.
  • 2021 春季學期學術座談會
    羅秉祥 博士 主講:教會與社會公義:馬丁路德金 vs. 葛培理 內容:教會該如何面對伸張社會公義的社會運動?這不單是當代教會爭議性很高的課題,約半世紀前美國教會也曾出現對此課題的大論爭。