Logos Evangelical Seminary – Introduction to Student Scholarships

1. The Meaning of Scholarships

At this time, the scholarships are established for the purpose of supporting special missionary causes or encouraging students from specific regions to return to their country to serve. The nature of a scholarship is different from the nature of tuition aid. Students who meet the qualification requirements for a certain scholarship application can also apply for tuition aid at the same time. If the students meet both the qualification requirements and pass the approval of the seminary’s Scholarship and Tuition Aid Committee (STAC), they can receive both tuition aid and scholarship. However, qualified applicants can only apply for one type of scholarship and cannot apply for other scholarships at the same time. In addition, the total amount of both the scholarship and tuition aid shall not exceed the full tuition fee for the semester.

2. Types and Amount of Logos Scholarships

Application Form Download: Scholarship / Living Water Scholarship Application Form

2.1 Rev. Liu’s M.Div. Scholarship: Aims to support M.Div. students who are clearly called to serve as full-time ministers. Please refer to Appendix S-7.

          2.2 MACS Scholarship: In order to fulfill and meet the needs of brothers and sisters in the church to receive high-quality theological equipment, support and enhance the professional ability and level of service, so as to become a blessing to the global Christian church.

2.3 Cross-Cultural Study Missionary Scholarship (MAICS): For the qualifications, application procedures, and relevant regulations of the scholarship, please refer to Appendix S-2. This scholarship is expected to cover half of the tuition per semester.

2.4 “MAFM G2G Scholarship”: Respond to the contemporary situation where family ministry talents are in urgent need, and provide concrete support to realize the vision of “shaping servants for the mission of the Kingdom of God.”

2.5 Living Water Doctor of Ministry Scholarship: For scholarships specially established for preachers, the scholarship review committee will review and approve the student’s application based on the student’s academic and financial status and the recommendation of the church/institution. Students who are eligible for scholarships will apply on a first-come, first-served basis. (Scholarship application deadline: Summer/Mar15; Fall/June15; Winter/Oct15).

2.6 ThM Scholarship: Designed to enable Th.M. students to complete their studies

2.7 Global Life Enrichment Center Missionary Reserve Scholarship: For scholarship application qualifications, application procedures, and related regulations, please refer to Appendix S-3. The amount of this scholarship is subject to review and decision by Global Life Enrichment Center.

          2.8 Freshman scholarship: The purpose of the freshman scholarship is to encourage outstanding students with financial difficulties to apply for admission.

3. Conditions of Application

3.1 The seminary student formally admitted by Logos Evangelical Seminary, or student with professional vocation under special circumstances,

3.2 Has a clear calling of ministry, excellent academic and character performance, and serves with fervency,

3.3 Meets the unique requirements of each scholarship and sign the commitment letter if required,

3.4 Priority of conferral is in accordance with the individual requirements of each scholarship application,

3.5 Applicants must have a cumulative GPA that meets the basic requirements of the type of scholarship. The grades of freshmen are based on their last academic qualifications.

3.6 Those who participate in weekly meetings, small groups, and other related extracurricular activities, actively participate in prayer meetings, the Logos Student Association, Dormitory Self-governing Association, or other community activities as required by the seminary.

3.7 Those who are willing to fulfill the obligations that may accompany the scholarship.

4. Review of Scholarship

The review of scholarships is handled by the seminary’s Scholarship and Tuition Aid Committee (STAC). The committee is composed of the Dean of Student Development, Dean of Academics, and faculty representatives. The Dean of Student Development serves as the chairman of the committee.

5. Scholarship Review Rules

5.1 The amount of scholarship awarded will be paid at once according to the amount stated in the scholarship regulations, and no division, installment, or combination shall be requested.

5.2 The applications submitted after the application deadline shall be deemed invalid.

5.3 Full-time students are limited to one scholarship per semester.

5.4 After a full-time student receives a scholarship, if it is found after the semester that less than full-time credits are taken due to course withdrawal or other reasons, the scholarship must be refunded as required.

5.5 The scholarship application must be re-processed every semester (or every quarter).

6. Requirements for scholarship

For the requirements of each scholarship, please refer to their relevant regulations (Appendix S-1 to Appendix S-5).

7. Scholarship Application Procedures

7.1 Scholarship Application Date:

7.1.1 The D. Min. and master program students must apply each quarter (or semester). The deadlines are listed in the table below.

          For master’s degree programs, applications must be made before March 15th and October 15th respectively.

* The D. Min. Living Water Scholarship must be turned in before March 15, June 15, and Oct 15.

7.1.2 For the Chicago campus, students should submit completed application forms to the designated staff member at the time of registration and course selection; the co-worker will forward them to the main campus’ Scholarship and Tuition Aid Committee for review.

7.2 Application Procedures:

7.2.1 Students should go to the Office of Student Development to obtain or download the application form, fill it out, and return it with the transcript and registration form.

7.2.2 The Scholarship and Tuition Aid Committee (STAC) will formally meet after the deadline for application, during which they will review and approve the recipients and the amount of scholarship.

8. Repayment

8.1 Students who drop out of study for no valid reason or become part-time students must repay all scholarships. (M.Div. New Student Scholarship: please also refer to the repayment rules.)