Logos Sunday

The goal of “LOGOS Sunday” program is to develop a close relationship between churches and theological education, and to increase church care and support of the school. Having this connection and interaction between churches and school to increase education quality, promote a balance theological education (in Academic Excellence, Spiritual Formation, Ministerial Competence, and Godly Living), and to train church co-workers in Old and New Testament, Systematic Theology, Marriage and Family Ministry, Spiritual Formation, Workplace Ministry and Cross-Cultural Ministry.


  • The pastor and Elder/Deacon to designate a Sunday in their yearly church calendar to be the LOGOS Sunday.
  • Starting 2 weeks prior to the designated LOGOS Sunday, the church is to announce the following on their Sunday bulletin:
  • “Next Sunday (or this Sunday) is the LOGOS Sunday. Professor xxx from LOGOS Evangelical Seminary will be at our Sunday service to share a message. Please prepare yourself to pray and donate for the needs of LOGOS Evangelical Seminary”.
  • When scheduling logos Sunday, ensure not to overlap with church’s regularly scheduled events such as Communion, Baptism, general Assembly Meeting, or any special event (such as missionary sending off ceremony)
  • Insert seminary’s Donation Envelopes in church’s bulletins on the day of LOGOS Sunday (so that church members can conveniently put their donation in the envelopes)


  • Each professor at LOGOS Evangelical Seminary has his/her specialized research and ministry area. Each church can utilize the LOGOS Sunday to hold additional workshops for the same weekend. (on Friday and Saturday)
  • If your church is interested in holding “teacher training” or “discipleship”, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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