History & Overview

Founded in Los Angeles in 1989, Logos is the first Asian-American seminary with full accreditation via WSCUC (WASC Senior College and University Commission) and the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada (ATS). Logos equips servant leaders to serve churches and institutions in their spiritual, academic, vocational, and everyday life, grounded in biblical truths and Christ-centered principles. Logos Evangelical Theological Seminary strives to become a leading Asian seminary in North America, providing high-quality education for seminary students from all over the world in a multilingual and cross-cultural environment. The seminary offers a variety of degree courses, with a Chinese and English teaching environment that emphasizes the integration of the Bible, theology, practice, and culture.

We offer quality and affordable theological education!

Regarding the varied options for Asian-serving seminaries in North America, the executive director of ATS (Association of Theological Schools) Daniel O. Aleshire has commented, “The most established one would be Logos Evangelical Seminary in Southern California.”

According to collegeandseminary.com, Logos Evangelical Seminary was one of the 25 most affordable seminaries in 2015.

Logos Facts

For more than 30 years, Logos has been laying an excellent foundation for the spiritual shaping of its students through its rigorous curriculum, becoming a cradle for the cultivation of theological thinkers. Through God’s grace and strength, Logos has been empowered to care for others. That’s why we have been supporting theological education in the Asia-Pacific region for years, promoting biblical family and marriage values in Asia and around the world, in addition to cooperating with missionaries who serve unengaged, unreached people groups. Logos’ teachings are based on rigorous academic research in the West and applied to the unique sociocultural context of Chinese churches. If your vision is to serve Chinese or Asian Christian institutions, consider Logos Evangelical Seminary as your first choice.

  • The first Chinese seminary to establish a Ph.D. degree and obtain both ATS and WSCUC accreditation.
  • The first Chinese seminary with a master’s degree in family ministry and dual accreditation by ATS and WSCUC.
  • The first Chinese seminary with a master’s degree in missions and both ATS and WSCUC accreditation.
  • Logos has two campuses in North America: one in Los Angeles and one in Chicago. Logos also has an e-campus that provides remote, synchronous courses.
  • Logos offers two doctoral degrees, five master’s degrees, and a number of certificate courses.
  • Logos’ headquarters in its LA campus spans an area of 4 acres, which houses a beautiful, modern campus.
  • Logos offers technologically up-to-date classrooms along with an expansive library that contains the largest collection of Chinese theological books in North America.
  • Logos serves 200 students, who hail from countries all over the world.
  • Logos’ 800+ alumni (and counting!) serve in more than 300 churches and Christian organizations around the world.