Degree Programs

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

The Doctor of Philosophy program is designed to provide advanced studies to cultivate Chinese Christian scholars and teachers. The program focuses on training students in critical thinking, research, and contextualization of biblical and theological studies. Admission Requirement: A master’s degree in biblical studies. (Th.M. degree is preferred). TOEFL score: 575/91 (TOEFL IBT).

Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)

The Doctor of Ministry program is designed to provide advanced studies for experienced ministers to enhance their spiritual maturity, theological understanding, and comprehensive ministry skills. Admission Requirements: Three years of full-time ministry after receiving M.Div. degree.

Master of Theology (Th.M.)

The Master of Theology program is designed to prepare students for advanced graduate studies in preparation for teaching at a seminary or university through the enhancement of students’ teaching, preaching, research, and writing skills. Admission Requirements: Master of Divinity degree or Master of Arts in biblical studies from an accredited institution with a GPA of 3.33 (B+ or 86.5 – 89.9%) or above.

Master of Divinity (M.Div.)

The Master of Divinity program is designed to prepare students for pastoral work in various ministry settings. The M.Div. program focuses on student’s spiritual formation, character development, and ministerial skills.

Master of Arts in Christian Studies (M.A.C.S.)

The Master of Arts in Christian Studies program is designed to prepare students for specialized ministries in various settings. It seeks to equip individuals with professional skills and a biblical and theological foundation to achieve their specific ministerial goals.

Master of Arts in Family Ministry (M.A.F.M.)

The Master of Arts in Family Ministry program is designed to equip students for family ministries in the context of local churches or para-church organizations. It provides academic training and practical applications with solid biblical-theological and social science foundations.

Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies (M.A. I.C.S.)

The MAICS program is designed for Christians who are interested in cross-cultural ministry. The program integrates bible and theological training and prepares students to serve in global missions or in a variety of cultural environments.

Diploma of Christian Studies (Dip.C.S.)

The Diploma of Christian Studies is designed to prepare laypeople serving in local churches or para-church organizations. It offers a series of basic training in theological studies. The program consists of 24 credits. All credits earned via the Dip.C.S. can be transferred to one of Logos’ master-level programs.

e-Campus 校園網路

是一個整合雲端科技與當代教學設計理念的虛擬校園。學員除了依然可以透過網路不受時間空間限制,藉由傳統「非同步」的方式來參與各種學習活動(個人主動式學習),也可以透過雲端網路校園 所提供的視訊學習平台,以Synchronized Teaching「同步」的方式與教授和各地同學在線上”面對面”的相互交流(集體互動式學習),享受「零距離」的臨場學習經驗。
備註:哲學博士Ph.D., 教牧博士D.Min., 神學碩士Th.M. 暫不提供網路課程,其他學位皆有部分提供網路課程。

資格與評鑑 Authorization & Accreditation

  • 自1999 年起為「美加神學院協會」 (The  Association of  Theological Schools in the United States and Canada,  簡稱 ATS ) 正會員 Full Accreditation.
  • 美加神學院協會ATS執行總監 Daniel O.Aleshire 評正道為「北美最具規模的亞裔神學院」”The most established one would be LOGOS Evangelical Seminary in Southern California.” 詳情查看2O15年 5月號 「 信仰與領導 」Faith and Leadership 雜誌。
  • 美國西部大專院校協會 ( WASC Senior College and University Commission,簡稱 WSCUC) 認證學院。
  • CollegeandSeminary.com文章評正道是全美「最實惠的25所學院之一」” The 25 Most Affordable  Seminaries in 2017″。

正道培育中心 Logos Training Institute

透過校本部及各地實體教室與網路課程提供:信徒事奉科,關顧輔導科,跨文化事奉科,基督信仰研習科及 職場基督徒GPS等證書課程。