With the spirit to “attempt great things for God, rescue millions of souls,” Logos Evangelical Seminary seeks to educate and impact students for a lifetime of faithful and fruitful ministry. As the first fully accredited Asian seminary by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada (ATS) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), Logos provides a range of academic and degree programs mainly in Chinese with a few elective English courses that emphasize the integration of the Bible, theology, practice, and culture to equip servants for the Body of Christ.

Logos’ excellent faculty oversees a curriculum that emphasizes not only the academic but the practical side of theology. With a deep commitment to its mission coupled with a program curriculum based on deep theological understanding and a biblical worldview, Logos serves to provide a strong and stimulating learning environment. Logos’ programs are designed to foster growth and development in four key areas that, when in balance, will serve students well for the rest of their lives. These include spiritual formation, theological understanding, ministry skills, and biblical lifestyle. In addition, students at Logos gain invaluable insight and wisdom from the close relationships they develop with the professors, who serve as models for godly living.

The students who come to Logos are from different backgrounds and denominations, hailing from all over the world. They are welcomed by staff and faculty, who likewise come from diverse backgrounds and represent various denominations. Once here, students find an inviting campus with modern facilities, including a library that houses one of the largest collections of Chinese theological books in North America. Logos also provides comfortable and convenient wireless living accommodations for singles and families.

Today, more than 800 graduates of Logos are serving in pastoral ministries, cross-cultural missions, theological education, and para-church organizations throughout the world. Having a close relationship with the seminary, the alumni continue to fulfill Logos’ mission: to spread the gospel to bring people to Christ to make disciples and establish churches.

Student Housing:

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