Church Partner

Since 1989, Logos Evangelical Seminary has been equipping servant-leaders in the four core areas of spiritual formation, academic excellence, ministerial competence, and godly living to serve Christ’s Church and to proclaim the gospel to the world effectively.

It is said, ”Ten years to grow a tree, one hundred years to grow a man.” In the same way, the development of Kingdom workers calls for long-term investment and care. The church plays an invaluable role in this endeavor. It is our belief that the seminary and the church must work together in the training of Kingdom workers who will respond to the needs of the church and the challenges of the world.

We invite your church or organization to consider becoming a Church Partner. In such a time like this, let us work hand in hand in equipping believers and training biblical leaders to build His Kingdom and fulfill the Great Commission.

A Church Partner is a church or community partner who commits to donating $100 or more per month for twelve months.

For more information on how to become a Logos Church Partner, please contact the Advancement Department for further details. Tel: (626) 571-5110 ext. 171 or email: