Logos Foundation

Logos Evangelical Seminary Foundation, Inc. (LESF) was officially registered and established in June 2000. Its purpose is to raise, invest, and manage the endowment funds for the long-term financial planning of the seminary and to establish a solid financial base for its future development. The fund’s management and investment are monitored by the Foundation Board, and the net profit from fund investments is disbursed to the seminary’s day-to-day operation costs and student scholarships.

Your donation to the foundation can be set up as a memorial or scholarship fund in the name of a loved one or a person whom you want to honor. Once your donation title is approved by the Foundation Board, it will forever remain in Logos’ historical records. We pray to the Lord that, by the end of 2012, we would be able to raise $11 million as resources for the long-term planning and expansion of the seminary. You may choose to donate in real estate or in cash as a one-time offering or multiple installments. The Foundation giving unit starts at $50,000.