Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

» All fees are in U.S. dollars and Logos Seminary reserves the right to change rates.

» All fees are non-refundable except tuition.

» All fees must be paid at the time of registration. Otherwise, the student must apply for the deferred payment plan from the Accounting Office.

*Full-time students’ family members have 50% discount on tuition.

Descriptions Amount
Master’s program Application Fee $ 75.00
Th.M. Application Fee $ 100.00
D.Min. Application Fee $ 100.00
Ph.D. Application Fee $ 100.00
Deferred payment plan fee $ 50.00
Late registration  (Master’s programs) $ 30.00
Late registration fee for D.Min. Courses
(please refer to the instruction sheet of the D.Min.’s enrollment form released each semester)
Late payment fee $ 25.00 & up
Add/Drop after second week (Masters per course)  $30.00
Add/Drop (D.Min. and Intensive Course see Tuition Refund Policy)
Administration Fee (0~5 units / 6 or 6 units above) $50 / $100
Assignment due date extension fee $100.00
Program extension fee $120.00
Photocopy of document $ 30.00
Transcript   (per copy) $ 10.00
Letter of Certification $ 10.00
Challenge by Test $ 100.00
Descriptions Amount
Graduation fee $250.00
Thesis / dissertation advisory fee $1000.00
Thesis / dissertation extension fee (per year) $397.00
Course material fee varies by course
Miscellaneous application fee varies by application
Student Council member fee  Collected by Student Council
Tuition Master's programs Th. M. D.Min. D.Min.(Summer) Ph.D.
(15 units x 2) (6 units x 2) (6 units x 3) (6 units) (8 units x2)
Amount $10,410 $5,052 $7,578 $2,526 $11,152
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Degree Program Tuition cost
哲學博士 (Ph.D.) $29,274
教牧學博士 (D.Min.) $14,314
神學碩士 (Th.M.) $10,104
道學碩士 (M.Div.) $29,495
基督教研究碩士 (M.A.C.S.) $18,044
家庭事工碩士 (M.A.F.M.) $20,820
跨文化研究碩士 (M.A.I.C.S.) $20,126
Non-degree program:
基督教研究證書 (Dip.C.S.)
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If a student obtains a loan to pay for an educational program, the student will have the responsibility to repay the full amount of the loan plus interest, less the amount of any refund. If the student has received federal student financial aid funds, the student is entitled to a refund of the money not paid from federal student financial aid program funds.
*The above fees only cover tuition and other related costs and do not include living expenses, insurance, books, car purchase, car maintenance, and other miscellaneous expenses.

A student may opt for deferred payment and will be charged a Deferred Tuition fee.  The schedule for payment is as follows:

1.  1/3 of all fees upon Registration.
2.  1/3 on or before Friday of the fourth week.
3.  1/3 on or before Friday of the eighth week.
4.  Late Payment Regulation will apply to the unpaid balances.

(This plan does not apply to intensive courses.)

A student may withdraw from courses before the end of the semester. The student is entitled to a refund up to the Friday of the seventh week.  A schedule of refunds according to the withdrawal date is as follows:

Friday of the 1st Week 100%
Friday of the 3th Week 80%
Friday of the 5th Week 60%
Friday of the 7th Week 40%
After the 7th Week 0%


Time Refund
End of first day 100%
End of second day 80%
End of third day 60%
After the third day 0%


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Students have the option of putting the refund towards their tuition fees for the next semester or requesting a refund from the Accounting Office. If a student withdraws completely from the program, the student will receive a refund within thirty days from the date of withdrawal.

Students are responsible for their room and board.

The following is an estimate of costs for room and board for twelve months in dormitory housing:
Single student: $21,500
Married couple: $24,000
Children: $3,000 each

(Logos Seminary has a student dormitory. For an application and rate schedule, please contact the Student Development Department.)

To help you prepare for studying abroad at Logos Evangelical Seminary, below are estimates on tuition and cost of living for your reference. (Other family-related costs, vehicle purchases, and travel costs are not included).
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