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Welcome to the Logos family!
For details on life at Logos, please refer to the Student Handbook.

Kuo-Liang Lin, President of Logos Evangelical Seminary

Welcome to Logos Evangelical Seminary and joining us as a member of the Logos family. We will be spending a period of time living and learning together. The vision of our seminary: “Attempting Great Things for God, Rescuing Millions of Souls.” We hope you will take your equipping here with diligence and become a servant after God’s heart in His Kingdom.

Our seminary emphasizes a four-fold, balanced approach in cultivating your spirituality, knowledge, lifestyle, and ministry. Spirituality is not formed by books alone but through your interactions in daily life with your family, others, and responsibilities. These will all affect your ministry. In fact, the most essential training lies in spiritual formation, which cannot be learned through intensive classes alone. Rather, spiritual formation comes about step by step, through months and years of practice in relying upon the Holy Spirit. My sincere desire is that you will not forget to stress the importance of cultivating your spiritual life while paying attention to knowledge, lifestyle, and ministry. My prayer is that your study at Logos will be of great help to you throughout your whole life.


Kuo-Liang Lin
President of Logos Evangelical Seminary

Rev. Samuel Liu, D.Min, Dean of Students

Rev. Samuel Liu, D.Min, Dean of Students
Education: D.Min., Logos Evangelical Seminary; Th.M., International Theological Seminary

Twin Cities & Peace EFC Church / Senior Pastor
Chinese Family For Christ & Tien Tao Christian Center / Director
First Evangelical Church of San Gabriel & Agape Caring Center / Pastor & Director
Logos Evangelical Seminary in Taiwan / Vice President, Dean of Students, Assistant Professor

Areas of Research:
Marriage and Family, Christian Caring Ministry, Crisis Intervention, End of Life Caring, Pastoral Leadership and Team Ministry

Language(s): Mandarin, English