D.Min. Application

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  1. Complete the Online Application.
  2. Request official transcripts from all post-secondary schools attended.  Transcripts must be official that is, mailed directly from your schools in a sealed envelope to the Admissions Office.  (For Logos M.Div. graduates, please submit your Transcript Request to the Academic Office).
  3. Submit a photocopy of your diplomas.
  4. Submit an application fee of US $100.00 (non-refundable).


  1. You will be notified of items needed to complete your file.
  2. Upon completion of your file and review by the committee, an admission decision will be made during the Admission Committee meeting, which is held on the first Friday of each month.  Notification of the decision will be sent by mail.


  1. Remit the Admission Contract to the Admissions Office within two weeks.
  2. F-1 int’l students: Please submit I-20 Application Form, along with copy of passport and affidavit of support to International Student Office.
  3. For student dormitory, please remit the Dormitory Application with $100 deposit to Student Development Dept.   (Check payable to “Logos Evangelical Seminary”.)