Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Logos Evangelical Seminary strives to produce effective Chinese Christian scholars and teachers who are able to critically engage the best biblical and theological scholarship in the world, translate and contextualize that scholarship into Chinese language and culture, and then bring those fresh theological paradigms into the global theological conversation.

Admission Requirements
1.Born-again Christians and are called to the ministry of theological education or theological research.
2.A Master level degree in Biblical Studies or equivalent from ATS accredited school (A Th.M. degree with overall GPA at least 3.5/ 4.0 scale is preferred).
3.Proof of English proficiency is required. Submit TOEFL score: 575 /91 (TOEFL IBT) (our institutional code is 8548), or GRE Verbal Reasoning score: 156 (our institutional DI Code is 7172).
4.Three letters of recommendations. A demonstration of maturity in personal and spiritual life, with recommendations from one church pastor and two seminary professors.
5.A major research writing sample of 7,000-10,000 Chinese words (4,500-6,500 English words) written in the last three years.
6.A Personal History Essay, with CV attached.
7.Submit a program study plan.
8.  The ability to understand Mandarin.

Entrance Exam
1.Biblical language requirement before admission: Hebrew I, II and Greek I, II. OT studies: Hebrew Exegesis I, II; NT studies: Greek Exegesis I, II. Students are to take the biblical language courses (not counting towards graduation credits) or the biblical language exams if a student has not completed the Biblical language requirement before admission.
2.The Biblical language requirement shall be completed within the 1st year before students are allowed to move on to the next phase of the program. Students who choose to take the exam may audit the course of Hebrew Exegesis II or Greek Exegesis II.

Program Content
1. This program emphasizes in academic research. All courses are designed toward this direction.

2. The entire program consists of 48 semester units (does not include prerequisite in biblical and research languages); 32 units of course work and 16 units of dissertation work.

3. Entire program consists of 3 stages. In Stage 1, students must complete 32 units of course work including 2 foundation seminars (8 units), 3 Old Testament seminars (12 units), 3 New Testament seminars (12 units), a course in higher education and teaching methods (0 unit), and two semesters of faculty-mentor teaching practicum (0 unit).

4. Students must pass the biblical and research language exams before entering Stage 2.

5. In Stage 2, students must pass four comprehensive exams.

6. In stage 3, students are required to complete the dissertation. (For details, see curriculum chart.)。

Residence and duration
1. Students are encouraged to maintain a full-time status. All regular courses must be taken at the main campus in El Monte, California.  The student may work on the dissertation off-campus.
2. The minimum duration of this program is 5 years, the maximum 10 years (including dissertation work). The maximum may be extended for one more year.

Graduation requirements
1. Successful completion of 48 semester units (dissertation included) with a GPA of 3.33 (B+ or 86.5 – 89.9%) or above.

2. Passing of comprehensive exams before dissertation writing.

3. Successful completion of the dissertation and defense of dissertation.

4. Dissertation approval signatures from all mentors.

5. Obtaining of academic clearance.

(For details, please see the Ph.D. Program Handbook. )