Master of Arts in Christian Studies (M.A.C.S.)

The Master of Arts in Christian Studies program is to prepare a person for specialized ministries in various settings. It seeks to form persons with professional and Christian understandings towards their specific ministerial goals.


The M.A.C.S. program aims to foster and equip students to have the following qualities:

  1. Comprehensive understanding of the Bible and theology.
  2. Ability to apply such understanding to ministry settings.
  3. Growth in personal and spiritual maturity.
  4. Ability to do self-assessment in personality, character, and ministerial gifts.
  5. Passion for global evangelism.
  6. Cultural sensitivity in interpersonal relationships and in ministry settings.

Admission Requirements

  1. A bachelor or higher degree from an accredited four-year university or seminary with a GPA of 2.67 (B- or 80%) or above.
  2. Had been converted, and baptized for at least two years.
  3. A demonstration of maturity in personal and spiritual life, with two recommendations from church pastors or leaders.
  4. The ability to understand Mandarin.  (An interview will be given to assess the listening comprehension)
  5. Proof of English proficiency is required.  Minimum TOEFL score of 470/ 52 (TOEFL iBT).   (Applicants with a Bachelor or higher degree from English speaking schools are exempt from this requirement.)

Program requirement

Students are required to complete 52 units of course work.  This includes 39 units of core courses and 13 units of elective courses.

Duration and Location

The program must be completed in time frame between 2 to 7 years.   Students may petition for an extension on a case-by-case basis if pass 7 years.

Core Courses

1. Biblical Studies (15 units)

2. Theological & History Studies (12 units)

3. Practical Theology (11 units)

4. Field Education  (0 unit)

FES521   Short-term Mission (0)

5. Capstone Project (1 unit)

TSS570    Capstone Project      (1) Last Semester elective.

Church Life

Students are required, with the exception of the first semester, to participate in local church activities.

Transfer Students

  1. All transfer students from other accredited seminaries must have a GPA of at least 3.0 (B or
    83.5%), and apply according to the Scholastic Regulations.
  2. Please refer to the Transfer of Credits in the Scholastic Regulations.

Graduation Requirement

  1. Complete 52 semester units of course work with GPA of at least 2.0 (C or 75%).
  2. Attend the seminary retreat at least one time during the program.
  3. Obtain an academic clearance.
  4. Students who have 3 or less credit units left to complete the degree program may still attend the commencement.  Such students must show proof of registration for the remaining units in the following summer term.