Master of Divinity (M.Div.)


The Master of Divinity program is to prepare a person for pastoral works in various ministry settings such as congregational ministry, cross-cultural missions, church planting, Christian education, theological education, Christian organization leadership, and media communication. This is the required degree for ordination in many churches and denominations, although not all students in the program intend to seek ordination.

The M.Div. program aims to foster and equip students to have the following qualities:

  1. Strong personal spiritual life and character. This is to be achieved through
    1. Immersing in character-building learning experience in the curriculum.
    2. Participating in required or optional corporate and individual spiritual activities such as chapel worship, retreats, prayer meetings.
  2. Competence in biblical and theological understanding. This is to be achieved through
    1. Mastering the elements of biblical languages and the skills to do exegetical work.
    2. Grasping the overall content of the Bible and its messages.
    3. Learning the historical and systematic developments of Christian theology.
    4. Training in the capacity to think critically, biblically, and theologically.
  3. Competence in essential ministerial and leadership skills. This is to be achieved through
    1. Studying of principles in various skills such as pastoral leadership, counseling, and preaching.
    2. Integrating praxis of these skills both in simulated situations in class and in various real-life ministry settings through field education.
  4. Preparedness in different kinds of cultural environment. This is to be achieved through
    1. Studying of Asian American ministry.
    2. Being exposed to and interaction with persons from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, including North American, Asian, and various strands of Chinese culture.
    3. Participating in cross-cultural missionary works.

Admission Requirements
1. A bachelor or higher degree from an accredited four-year university or seminary with a GPA of 2.67 (B- or 80%) or above.
2. Had been converted, and baptized for at least three years, with a clear calling or the commitment to full-time ministry.
3. A demonstration of maturity in personal and spiritual life, with two recommendations from church pastors or leaders.
4. The ability to understand Mandarin.  (An interview will be given to assess the listening comprehension)
5. Proof of English proficiency is required.  Minimum TOEFL score of 470 / 52 (TOEFL iBT).  (Applicants with a Bachelor or higher degree from English speaking schools are exempt from this requirement.)

Program requirement
Students are required to complete 92 units of course work.  This includes 80 units of core courses, and 12 units of elective courses.

Duration and Location
The program must be completed between 3 years to 7 years.  Students may petition to extend for one more year.  In order to ensure a communal educational experience, at least one year of full-time study shall be completed at the main campus.

Core Courses

Biblical Languages (9 units) – choose 3 of 4 from below

LAS511 Greek I (3)
LAS512 Greek II (3)
LAS531 Hebrew I (3)
LAS532 , Hebrew II (3)

Biblical Studies (24 units)

  • Choose 1 of 2 from below
NTS588 Greek Exegesis I (3)
OTS586 Hebrew Exegesis I (3)
  • Choose 1 of 2 from below
NTS531 NT Theology (3)
OTS531 OT Theology (3)
  • Choose 3 of 4 from below
OTS542 The Pentateuch (3)
OTS528 Historical Literature (3)
OTS554 Poetic Books and Wisdom Literature (3)
OTS559 Prophetic Literature (3)
NTS501 NT Survey I (3)
NTS502 NT Survey II (3)
TSS500 Hermeneutics (3)

Theological and Historical Studies(15 units)

TSS504 Library Information Research Method (1)
TSS534 God, Bible and Christology (3)
TSS535 Soteriology, Penumatology, and Sanctification (3)
TSS537 Ecclesiology and Eschatology (2)
CHS525 Chinese Church History (2)
CHS510 Church History (3)

Practical Theology(30 units)

PTS519 Spiritual Formation & Practicum (3)
MCS527 Personal Evangelism (2)
PTS531 Pastoral Counseling I (2)
PTS532 Pastoral Counseling II (2)
PCS541 Shepherding and Leadership I (2)
PCS544 Shepherding and Leadership II (2)
CES510 Christian Education (2)
PTS521 Preaching Method I (3)
PTS524 Preaching Method II (3)
MCS521 Introduction to Missiology (3)
PTS572-A    Asian American Ministry (AAM) (3)
TSS529 Christian Ethics (3)

Field Education(2 units)

FES501 Field Education (1)
FES502 Field Education (1)
FES521 Short-Term Mission (0)
FES529 Pastoral Internship (0)

Capstone Project (1 unit)

TSS580 Capstone Project (1)

Master of Divinity (M.Div.)
Three-year curriculum schedule
First Semester Second Semester


Personal Evangelism (2) Spiritual Formation & Practicum (3)
Greek I/Hebrew I (3) Greek II/Hebrew II (3)
NT Survey I (3) NT Survey II (3)
Library Info Research Methods (1) Church History (3)
God, the Bible and Christ (3) Elective (3)
Hermeneutics (3)
15 15
summer Short-term mission (0) Elective (3)


Greek Exeg. I/Hebrew Exeg. I (3) OT Theology/NT Theology (3)
The Pentateuch (3) Poetic Books and Wisdom Literature (3)
Shepherding and Leadership I (2) Shepherding and Leadership II (2)
Preaching I (3) Preaching II (3)
Ecclesiology and Eschatology (2) Soteriology, Pneumatology, Sanctification (3)
Field Education (1) Field Education (1)
14 15
summer Pastoral Internship (0) Elective (3)


Greek I/Hebrew I (3) Christian Education (2)
Pastoral Counseling I (2) Pastoral Counseling II (2)
Chinese Church History (2) Historical Literature (3)
Intro to Missiology (3) AAM (3)
Christian Ethics (3) Elective (3)
Capstone Project (1)
13 14


Church Life and Field Education
Students are required, with the exception of the first semester, to participate in local church activities and to receive field education in local churches or para-church organizations.  The purpose is to prepare students for future full-time ministry by getting acquainted with the group they are going to serve and the operation of the church or organization.  Students may ask for help from the Field Education Supervisor in locating internship possibilities.

Transfer Students

  1. Master level students from the accredited seminaries, with a GPA of 3.00 (B or 83.5%) may apply to transfer to our M.Div. program.
  2. Students enrolled in M.A.C.S. program may apply to transfer to the M. Div. program only after 1 year of study (30 credits or more).  The students must fill out the application form and pay the required fee.  The transference must be approved by the admission committee after interview, at least one semester before graduation.
  3. For other transference please refer to Scholastic Regulations.

Graduation Requirements

  1. Complete 92 semester units with GPA of at least 2.0 (C or 75%).
  2. Fulfill the requirement of Field Education.
  3. Attend the seminary retreat at least one time during the program.
  4. Obtain an academic clearance.
  5. Students who have 3 or less credit units left to complete the degree program may still attend the annual commencement.  Such students must show proof of registration for the remaining units in the following summer term.