Tuition Aid

Logos Evangelical Seminary – Introduction to Student Tuition Aid

  1. Purpose of Student Tuition Aid

Logos Evangelical Seminary’s student tuition aids are set up by the grace of God and through the love offerings of many churches, para-church organizations, and Christian brothers and sisters.  When a full-time student with demonstrated academic ability and superb qualifications encounters financial difficulty, he/she may be granted financial assistance after formally applying for student tuition aid and being approved of such application.  Thus, all applicants should first fulfill their own responsibilities and obligations, look to God with faith, and appreciate the donors who contribute to student tuition aid out of love.

  1. Types of Student Tuition Aid

2.1   Logos Tuition Aid

Logos tuition aid is given based on the student’s academic achievement, ministry desire, Christian character, spiritual gifts potential, and in accordance with specific requirements within each Tuition aid category.

2.2 Full-time Student Spousal Tuition Discount

The spousal tuition discount is to assist the spouses of full-time students while both are attending the Seminary to lighten their financial burden.

2.3 EFC-Partner Tuition Aid

The Seminary grants tuition aid to students who are ministers or members of our EFC church partners. For its policy, please refer to Appendix 1.

2.4   Partner Tuition Aid

The Seminary grants one-year full-tuition aid to students who are specifically recommended by partner churches/para-church organizations.  Students may apply for tuition aid based on given qualifications/requirements after one year of study at the seminary.

2.5   Dorcas Emergency Revolving Fund

This fund is an interest-free loan to students in the time of financial difficulty and emergency.

  1. Applicant Qualifications

3.1   A full-time student who has been formally admitted by the Seminary (Chicago campus tuition aid may be applied for two courses offered during Feb.-March and Apr.- May.)

3.2   Student who possesses clear ministry calling, mature character, outstanding academic performance, and fervency in service.

3.3   Student who meets the specific requirements of the tuition aid applied and demonstrates real financial need.

3.4   Order of Priority in Granting Tuition Aid: order of priority by degree program in descending order: Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Christian Studies, and then Master of Theology. Doctor of Ministry students should first seek financial assistance from their own church/organization and then apply for tuition aid if still needed.

3.5   Students with outstanding academic performance may apply for tuition aid.  The cumulative GPA to qualify for a full tuition aid is 3.5 and above.

3.6   Good citizenship.

3.7   Attends weekly chapel, small group, and related activities outside of classroom in accordance with school regulations.  Actively attends prayer meeting, student body meeting, student dormitory self-governing meeting, or other social activities within the Seminary.

3.8   Willing to fulfill additional obligations related to tuition aid application.

  1. Tuition Aid Evaluation Committee

This committee is composed of the Academic Dean, the faculty representative, and the Dean of Students.  The Dean of Students serves as the chairman of the committee.

  1. Tuition Aid Examination Regulations

5.1 The tuition aid granted by the Tuition Aid Evaluation Committee in each semester will only be used for tuition of that semester.

5.2 The granted amount of the tuition aid will be a “fixed amount.”

5.3 The tuition aid can only be valid for one semester; the unused amount cannot be accumulated and used for the next semester.

5.4 Only under special circumstances will “full tuition aid” be considered to be granted.

5.5 All tuition aid applications will be invalid after the application due date.

5.6 Student spousal tuition aid will be granted at 50% of the course hours registered at the beginning of each semester. Student spouse will pay the other 50% of the tuition. At the end of the semester, the tuition aid will be adjusted based on the actual course hours taken.

5.7 Duration limit of tuition aid: MA full time students: 2 years; MDiv full time students: 3 years; Th.M. full time students: 2 years.

5.8 Students who wish to pursue a second degree at the seminary: their application for tuition aid will be treated as second priority.

5.9 D.Min. students or their spouses who register for four hours of “Dissertation” cannot apply for tuition aid.

5.10 MA or MDiv students who apply for tuition aid for the last semester must note on the application form “last semester.”

5.11 Tuition aid for master students who register for independent study will be calculated  at $317 per credit hour. (Note: Tuition aid is not offered for independent practical ministry training.)

5.12 Graduating students, at the last semester, whether full time or part time, can apply for tuition aid. Graduating students who register less than 12 credit hours at the last semester – their spouses “cannot” apply for 50% spousal tuition discount.

5.13 Only one type of tuition aid will be granted to full time students per semester.

5.14 After receiving the tuition aid, students who drop classes or whose credit hours become less than a full time student due to various reasons, will have to return the full amount of the financial aid once the facts have been verified.

5.15 Students who are in the process of applying to enter the seminary and have not been officially admitted cannot apply for tuition aid.

5.16 The Matching Fund tuition aid has been terminated since 2/26/15.

  1. The requirements for each Tuition and Financial Aid

6.1    Logos Tuition Aid:

All students who demonstrate outstanding performance in spiritual maturity, theological understanding, biblical lifestyle, and ministry skills and have financial needs may apply. The approved amount is valid for one semester and can only be used for tuition payment purpose.

6.2   Partner Tuition Aid:

This one year tuition aid is granted to students who are recommended by partner churches or para-church organizations.

6.3    Seminary Student Spousal Tuition Discount:

The spouse of the current full-time student may apply to receive tuition discount based on the financial need. The approved amount is valid for one semester and can only be used for tuition-payment purpose.

6.4    Logos Student Medical Care Fund:

Student with health insurance but have medical emergency need may apply for financial aid.

6.5    Dorcas Emergency Revolving Fund:

To provide assistance in case of financial emergency, this revolving fund provides interest-free loan of no more than two thousand dollars to needy students and requires repayment within six months.  The repayment period can be extended to one year if necessary.  Students with such emergency may contact the office of Student Development for application.

6.6    Work Study Financial Aid:

The Seminary provides some part-time positions to students with financial needs as supplementary income.  For details please see Work Study Financial Aid Application.

6.7    Others:

The Tuition Aid Evaluation Committee may consider granting financial assistance to individuals with special needs.

  1. Tuition / Work Study Financial Aid Application Procedure

7.1   Tuition Aid Application Deadlines

7.1.1   The current Doctor of Ministry and Master students need to apply for each semester (twice a year) —

Doctor of Ministry (Jan. 31 & Aug. 31) / Masters (March 1 & Oct. 1)

7.1.2   Chicago campus applicants shall submit the application along with the registration form to the campus staff. The main campus Tuition Aid Evaluation Committee will review after receipt of the applications.

7.1.3   Only Th.M. students may apply Tuition aid in the first semester of their first year. Tuition aid is not available for other Degree first year students. Based on financial needs, student can consider applying for work study financial aid instead.

7.1.4   For work study positions, please contact the seminary’s Human Resources office.

7.2   Application Procedure:

7.2.1   Application form may be found on Logos website ► Download here or obtained from the office of Student Services.  Please attach a copy of transcript and registration receipt.  Applicants of “Partner Financial Aid” must first obtain written recommendation from his/her denomination/para-church organization before submitting formal tuition aid application with related documents to the office of Student Development.

7.2.2   The Tuition Aid Evaluation Committee will meet after the official application cutoff date and determine the recipients and amount of the tuition aid.

    1. Repayment

8.1  Students who dropped out from the program or changed to part-time without legitimate reason shall repay all financial aid received.