Student Council Article

I. General Guidelines
1. This council is named Logos Evangelical Seminary Student Council (listed as “the Council” below)
2. The purpose of the Council is to advocate the spirit of self-discipline and self-governance among students, to enhance the fellowship and caring among students, to create a communication channel between seminary and students, and to promote the assignments from seminary.
3. The office is located at the main campus of Logos Evangelical Seminary.

II. Membership

4. Those who are studying full-time at Logos in the programs of D.Min., M.Div., M.A.C.S., or Th.M. become full members of the Council automatically. Part-time students may apply for the associate membership with the Office of Student Affairs but with no voting rights.
5. The rights and responsibilities of membership.

1). Have rights and responsibilities of attending the assembly meetings and participate in the various ministries promoted by the Council.
2). Have rights of election, being elected, and deposition for coworkers
3). Members shall pay the membership fee. The amount of membership fee is to be proposed by the coworker team and be decided at the assembly meeting.
4). If a student has completed a degree program and begins the study of another degree program (e.g. Th.M. or D.Min.) will need to pay the membership fee again. Those who did not go through the graduation process but transfer to another degree program will be exempted from paying the membership fee again.

III. Structure and Meetings

A. Member Assembly
6. The assembly is composed according to the Bylaws Article 2 Section 4 and this is the highest decision making body.
7. The assembly shall be held at least once a semester and be presided over by the Chairperson.
8. Special assembly may be called by the coworker team or at the written request of one third of the members.
9. The quorum required for the assembly is half of the number of the members. The assembly is established only if attendants reached half of the members.
10. Any action taken or decision made is approved only by at least majority of the attending members at the assembly.
11. If necessary, the Chairperson may invite faculty or faculty rep to observe the assembly.

B. Coworker Team
12. The number of Council coworker is seven with jobs of secretary, caring, activity, finance, general affairs, and worship. The Vice-chairperson shall take on one of the jobs listed. The assembly shall elect an auditor from the members.
13. Members who have not completed the work of first semester shall not be elected but have voting right. (The Dormitory Council coworker election will be held after the Logos Student Council coworker election)
14. Conduct of the coworker election
1). Election is held at the winter assembly after the last chapel service in the fall semester.
2). Candidates are the full members of the Council
3). Election is by anonymous votes
4). Election process
a. First, elect seven coworkers
b. Then elect Chairperson and Vice-chairperson out of seven coworkers
c. Other coworker positions will be assigned among the coworkers and be announced later
5). If in first round of voting there is no one has more than half of the votes, vote again between the ones who have highest and second highest votes.
6). If two have same votes, then the assembly shall conduct the election again.
7). The current Chairperson shall not be re-elected for Chairperson.

15. Coworker Deposition Process
Deposition may be proposed by written request of one third of the members and approved at the special assembly with votes of two thirds of the attending members.
16. The Duties of the Coworker Team
1). Carry out the decision made at the assembly.
2). Responsible for the council affairs while the assembly is not being held.
3). Propose the revision of Bylaws according to bylaw Article 4 Section. 21 if necessary.

17. Job duties of each coworker
(A)Represent the Council to the external parties
(B)Preside the member assembly and coworker meeting
(C)Attend and coordinate various ministries
(D)Promot and coordinate various ministries

(A)Assist Chairperson to promote the Council affairs
(B)If the Chairperson for any reason cannot perform his or her duties, act on behalf of the Chairperson
(C)Assist and support other coworkers

(A)Collect and organize meeting minutes and related documents
(B)Make announcement of the activities
(C)Provide information for the seminary newsletter

(A)Responsible for the accounts payable and receivable of the Council (The Council funds are kept in the Office of Student Affairs)
(B)Make the list of activities of the account available for public
(C)Provide budget of expenses and updated balance

(A)Plan the regular social events
(B)Assist in coordination of seminary events

(A)Caring for the student life needs
(B)Caring for the small groups operation
(C)Assist new student reception

(7)General Affairs
(A)Purchase the supplies for the Council events
(B)Coordinate the resources and decorate the facilities for the Council events
(C)Other duties in regards of general affairs

(A)Arrange the praise and worship for the Council regular events
(B)Arrange the praise and worship for the Conncil special events

18. Coworker Team
1). meet at least once a month
2). invite faculty or faculty rep to the meeting if necessary
3). regular meeting is valid only if two thirds of coworkers are present
4). agenda item shall be approved by two thirds of the coworkers

. Supplementary Articles
These Bylaws are to be approved by the member assembly and forwarded to seminary before becomes effective.
20. Any revision on these bylaws may be proposed by the Coworker Team or written request by one third of members and be approved by two thirds
21. If there is any question in regards of these bylaws, the Council Coworker Team will interpret.