LOGOS e-Campus is an extension of theological education provided by LOGOS Evangelical Seminary in the internet world. All our online degree courses are fully accredited by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada, and feature the same excellent faculty who conduct the class discussion and lead the entire course activities as our campus courses.

▶︎ 100% Online Master of Arts in Christian Studies (MACS)

Online course / Distance learning

  • Enrollment Qualification: Students with full admission (not including F-1 international students) and lives 25 miles away from the main campus or has a full-time (30 hours or more) job.
  • M.A.C.S. students may complete all 52 units through online courses.
  • M.Div. students may take certain online courses, but at least 1/3 of courses shall be completed at the main campus.
  • All online students are required to attend at least one Seminary Annual Retreat prior to graduation.
  • Logos offers the distance education that is online through internet. All the correspondence sent between students and instructors are sent online without any time elapse.

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