Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)


The Doctor of Ministry program is designed to provide advanced studies for ministers who hold the M.Div. degree to enhance their spiritual maturity, theological understanding, and to promote their skills in the practice of ministry.


The goals of this program are to enable the students to be more effective in their field of ministry, and they consist of three aspects: biblical and theological, personal and ministry.

1. Biblical and Theological goals:

  1. formulate a biblical and theological framework for effective ministry in a variety of contemporary contexts;
  2. assess their present ministry contexts through such framework and be able to make improvements as a result;
  3. conduct applied research of professional, doctoral-level breadth and depth within their chosen field of study;
  4. acquire the academic skills for a life-long study of the Scripture and theology for more effective teaching of God’s Word.

2. Personal Goals

  1. reflect on life experiences for healing and growth;
  2. cultivate a godly character through the disciplines of spiritual formation;
  3. chart a course for lifelong learning and improvement.

3. Ministry Goals

  • enhance ministerial skills such as preaching, leadership, counseling, administration, vision-casting, educational programming, communication, second-generation Asian-American ministry, cross-cultural missions, etc.;
  • communicate God’s Word effectively in a postmodern and multicultural environment;
  • lead and manage a church or Christian organization effectively;
  • have a global perspective in bringing the Christian message to other cultures and ethnic groups;
  • train other leaders to enhance their ministries in local churches and organizations;
Admission Requirements
  1. A Master of Divinity degree or its equivalent with a GPA of at least 3.0 (B or 83.5-86.4 %).  Applicants with lower GPA may take two courses first and will be accepted with average total grade of B or above. Applicants with an M.A. degree or its equivalent must complete the M.Div. requirement prior to completion of 18 credit units of D.M. courses.
  2. At least three years of experience in full-time ministry with good standing after receiving the M.Div. degree.  Applicants with only two years of ministry experience after receiving the M.Div. degree may apply only if they have over two years of full-time ministry experience before the M.Div. degree.  Applicants with M.A. degree must have five years of experience in full-time ministry with good standing.
  3. Recommendations by two church leaders.
  4. English proficiency in both reading and writing.
  5. The ability to understand Mandarin.
Program Content and Arrangement
  1. The student must complete 34 semester units (30 units of course and 4 units of dissertation)
  2. Courses are offered under the following five categories: Biblical studies, pastoral ministries, mission, pastoral counseling, and other.  Students may not take more than 5 courses under the same category.
  3. All courses are offered in the form of intensive teaching. One-week intensive classes with instruction of four hours each day.  Each course weighs 3 semester units.
  4. Min. program follows the terms of winter semester (Dec. to Mar.), summer semester (May to Aug.) and fall semester (Sept. to Nov.).
  5. Winter intensive courses: offered from January to February each year on main campus.  There will be four to six courses offered each winter.
  6. Summer intensive courses: offered from June to July each year on main campus.  There will be six to eight courses offered each summer.
  7. Fall intensive courses: offered from September to October each year on main campus.  There will be four to six courses offered each winter.
  8. Minimum enrollment for each course is five students per class.
Duration and Location
  1. The program must be completed between 3 years (2 semesters each year) to 6 years.  Students may petition to extend for one more year.
  2. Courses taken off-campus or transfer credit should not exceed two fifth of total units.  And total of these two should not exceed half of total units.  At least half of total units must be taken at main campus.
Core Course
  • PTS815   Spiritual Formation in Local Church (3)
  • TSS848   Theology of Ministry (3)
  • TSS870   Dissertation Methodology and Research (3)
  • TSS872   Dissertation/Graduation Project (4)
Graduation Requirements
  1. Complete 34 semester units (dissertation included) with a GPA of 3.0 (B or 83.5-86.4%) or above.
  2. Finish the dissertation and pass the oral defense of dissertation.
  3. Obtain an academic clearance