Distance Learning

All our online degree courses are fully accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS)

Online Asynchronous Teaching: Throughout the semester, content will be made available weekly based on the respective week number. Students can view the course materials at any time during the week and are expected to complete assignments and discussions within the timeframe specified by the instructor.

Online Synchronous Teaching Using remote teaching conferencing software, online students can participate in real-time classes alongside in-person students and engage in live interaction.

Qualifications for Study: Must be a formal graduate student (excluding F-1 international students) and can enroll from within the United States or abroad. Additionally, the student must reside more than twenty miles away from the campus or have full-time employment (over thirty hours per week) to register for the online master’s program.

Master of Christian Studies (M.A.C.S.)

Up to 50% of credits can be completed through online courses. [Pending on WSCUC approval]

Master of Divinity (M.Div.)

Up to 50% can be completed through online courses. [Pending on WSCUC approval]

Degree Course Inquiry:

Phone:(626)571-5110 Ext 157