Rev. Felix Liu, Ph.D.

Logos Endowed Chair of Spiritual Formation
Professor of Practical Theology
626-571-5110 x 119

Highest Education:

Ph.D. & D.Miss., Fuller Theological Seminary


Logos Evangelical Seminary's First President
Chaplain and Associate Professor of Tunghai University
Senior Pastor of EFCLA
President of Logos Evangelical Seminary

Area of Research:

Spiritual Renewal, Personal Evangelism, Holistic Healing, Discipleship Training

Teaching Courses:

Spiritual Formation, Personal Evangelism, Holistic Healing

Conference / Workshop Topic:

Preaches around the world every year in the areas of holistic healing, experiencing God, and spiritual formation in the local church.

Rev. Felix Liu 2016 Middle West Conference

*Note: Rev. Felix Liu’s 2016 Middle West Conference sermon is only available in the Mandarin language.


Mandarin, Taiwanese, English


➤ Publications

Selected Publications:

1982 “The Life and Ministry of ‘Barclay of Formosa’ from the Church Growth Perspectives.”  Los Angeles: Evangelical Formosan Publisher.

1983 “A Research of Church Growth—A Case Study of Four Chinese Growing Churches in North America.”  Los Angeles: Evangelical Formosan Publisher.